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Energy Benchmarking Part 2: How Chicago Condo Associations Can Save Energy – and Money

Posted on Sunday March 05, 2017

Knowledge is power. It’s also the first step toward decreasing your condo building’s power consumption. Read part 2 of our two-part series to find out how you can use the knowledge you’ve gained from your Chicago energy benchmarking results to make improvements in your building. You’ll not only reduce your energy use. You’ll also save your condo association some big bucks. 

Energy Benchmarking Part 1: What Every Chicago Condo Association Should Know

Posted on Thursday February 16, 2017

The city of Chicago now requires many condominiums to benchmark their energy use. The good news is that understanding your building’s energy performance can help you improve its efficiency and save your condo association thousands of dollars. Here we explain how to comply with the Chicago ordinance and what to do with your results.

Winter Energy Conservation Tips to Help Your Condo Save Money

Posted on Monday February 06, 2017

When you live in the Chicago area, spring can seem to take forever to get here. Energy costs to keep buildings and common areas warm and well lit can be a big hit on your budget when the temperatures plummet and the days are shorter.

Fortunately, doing a few simple things can reduce your energy costs. Here are some steps that you can take to help your condo save money on energy.

Avoid Catastrophe in Your Condo Association This Winter: Protect Your Pipes

Posted on Tuesday January 31, 2017

Winter is here, and in Chicagoland and the rest of the state, the cold can present a range of issues. You’ve probably been keeping a watchful eye on driveways, roofs and other essential areas in your condo community. But don’t forget about one of the most freeze-sensitive parts of your buildings and systems: pipes.

A Rundown of New Laws that Could Affect Your HOA

Posted on Tuesday January 24, 2017

Illinois legislators, as well as the city of Chicago, have been busy making some important legal changes that have a direct impact on condominium and homeowners associations (HOAs). We discussed some of them in depth in previous articles. In this article, we provide a summary of the new laws with which your HOA board and residents should be familiar.

New Year, New Opportunity to Increase Engagement and Happiness in Your HOA

Posted on Tuesday January 10, 2017

Engaged communities are happy communities. But how can your condominium or homeowners association increase satisfaction among residents? Well, it’s no surprise that community leadership plays a large role – including board members and, if professional management is involved, your property manager, management company and the support team. So let’s clarify some of these rights and responsibilities and how these roles impact the community.

What Makes a Condominium or Homeowners Association Board Successful?

Posted on Tuesday January 03, 2017

Serving on a homeowners or condominium association’s board of directors is not an easy task. You are making decisions that impact your community and neighbors. So what makes one board more effective than another? The Cooperator Chicagoland recently interviewed FirstService Residential Illinois President Asa Sherwood to find out the secret behind some of the Chicago area’s most successful associations.

What Makes A Property Manager Extraordinary?

Posted on Tuesday December 27, 2016

What does it take to be successful in the residential property management industry? Top Agent Magazine recently interviewed FirstService Residential’s Daniel Valdes to discover what has helped him become a leader in the industry.

2017 Chicago Recycling Ordinance: What Your Condo Association Needs to Know

Posted on Monday December 19, 2016

Homeowners associations for buildings in Chicago should be prepared for some changes to the city’s recycling ordinance. Effective January 1, 2017, both residential and commercial multi-unit buildings will be required to implement “single-stream source-separated” recycling programs. What does this mean, and how, exactly, should your association’s board of directors go about ensuring that your building is compliant?

New Illinois Law Gives HOA Boards More Leeway in Holding Closed Meetings

Posted on Monday December 12, 2016

Good news for board members of homeowners associations: Legislation effective January 1, 2017, makes it easier for association boards to hold closed (executive) sessions. What’s especially significant about the law is that it mitigates particular aspects of the First Appellate Court decision in Palm v. 2800 Lake Shore Drive that had left many board members frustrated.

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