During the third quarter of 2015, the CAI-Georgia Membership Committee interviewed FirstService Residential as part of their Leadership Circle which is comprised of a select group of Georgia community association management companies that demonstrate exemplary commitment to their managers and to the chapter.

As appeared in Georgia Commons, Fourth Quarter 2015

• Matt Phillips, Market President, Georgia and Tennessee, Georgia LAC committee member
• Bradley White, Regional Director
• Ashley Pafford, Business Development Manager
• Cary Horvath, Vice President
• Eric Love, Senior Association Manager, Viewpoint

MC: Tell us about the culture of FirstService Residential, Georgia?

Interviewees: We hire the best people, give them the proper resources and support, and provide them opportunities to grow within our organization. We are not interested in being the biggest, but we are very focused on being the best. Our managers are well rounded. They have people skills, the desire to serve their community, financial know-how, and management experience.
Our job is to help our communities feel and function like communities should. We improve property values, enhance lifestyles, and reduce risks for our clients. Internally and externally, we treat everyone with respect and professionalism. As an organization, our culture is driven by our Mission Statement and Core Values:
Mission Statement: Deliver exceptional services and solutions that enhance the value of every property and the lifestyle of every resident in the communities we manage.
Core Values:
1. Own It – If you make a mistake, own it, and correct it. How we deal with those mistakes is what sets us apart.
2. Aim High – Aspire to achieve the best you can when you deliver services.
3. Be genuinely helpful – We do a tremendous job hiring people who have this ingrained in them. We hire people who like making an impact on people’s lives and their communities, and that is gratifying to them.
4. Improve It – we can always improve, and we constantly strive to do so. When people say “that’s how we’ve always done it,” we always ask “why?” Our people ask the question, “How can I make this better?” Then they do it.
5. Do What’s Right – Always do the right thing for our clients; always do the right thing for our employees; and then empower our people to always do the right thing in their jobs. It is simple.
6. Build Great Relationships – With our clients and with our team members. It is gaining and keeping the trust of our client. We establish credibility and trust. Our management team has a high level of interaction with both our managers and our clients. We are constantly building relationships.

MC: What has been the “secret weapon” in business?

Interviewees: I don’t think it is a secret. I think it comes down to your people. We hire good people and then give them good opportunities. We advance our people when they do a tremendous job. One example is Danny Herreras. In less than five (5) years, Danny went from being in a part time position at a front desk to being the onsite manager at a high rise in Midtown. Nearly a third of our managers today started in another role in our organization,
and they grew to a management position.

MC: Why does CAI matter to your organization?

Interviewees: It goes back to elevating the industry. CAI is one of the key ways to do that. CAI is our industry’s professional organization. It is very important to be involved and to have an association that is aligned with the priorities of the industry. CAI is an organization that protects the homeowners, our clients, through the support of the lobbyist, for instance. That is of the upmost importance.

MC: Why did you join the Leadership Circle and pay for all of your managers’ CAI dues?

Interviewees: It is important for visibility purposes and for letting our managers know that we care about investing in their professional development. As an organization, joining the Leadership Circle sets a tone of professionalism. We pay for our people to be involved in the profession.

MC: Why are CAI designations important?

Interviewees: Because they demonstrate an investment in one’s career.

MC: We would like to spotlight one of your managers and tell how they got into the industry. Why property management as a career?

Eric Love, Senior Association Manager: I graduated from UGA, specializing in real estate. I began working in managing commercial real estate before switching to this specific area of the industry. I always have a process that drives me – being organized, having a place for everything, and creating processes to drive each issue that could possibly arise in my community. I create long term solutions to the problems that are regularly faced in this industry, and that is gratifying work. My goal every day is get my properties in the best condition possible, and now I have done this for ten (10) years. The company that I work for has this same goal, and we all work as a team to put the best practices into effect. I also love knowing that I can advance with FirstService, and that long-term FirstService wants to keep the community and the personnel as a client.

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Tuesday January 05, 2016