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Want to Take Your Community Smoke-Free? Four Tips to Help

Posted on Wednesday January 25, 2017

The dangers of both smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke have been highlighted in recent years. It’s reported that tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in both the United States and Canada. Smoking affects more than health too. It affects our physical environment and the buildings and homes we live in, by increasing risks of fire and property damage, raising insurance rates and increasing legal liability.

Should You Go National or Local When Choosing a Property Management Company?

Posted on Monday January 09, 2017

For many condominium Boards, deciding to hire a property management firm is a move in the right direction. But there is a lot to consider when choosing a management company for your building, and oftentimes it is the size of the company that becomes the sticking point for many condo associations. Many worry that big companies will overlook their unique needs, while small companies might not be able to serve them adequately. There are pros and cons to both large, national firms and smaller, local companies. Read our article for four factors to consider when making your decision, and learn how the size of the company affects how it handles your condo association’s most critical needs. 

Choosing the Right Lifestyle Community for Your Needs: Five Tips

Posted on Friday December 16, 2016

If you are thinking about buying a new home in a lifestyle high-rise or lifestyle community, you are not alone. Lifestyle communities are becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in today’s housing market.  If you’re interested in considering a lifestyle community but don’t know where to begin, you’re in luck. We’ve put together five of the most common considerations that go into choosing the right lifestyle community for you.

Hiring a Property Management Company? Consider These Five Traits

Posted on Tuesday December 13, 2016

Your association has decided that it’s time to hire a professional property management company. This represents a big step for your community, and will have an impact on your community for years to come. Before deciding which company you want to partner with, you and your Board must carefully research a variety of firms and become confident that the company you choose is the best suited for your community’s needs. Read on for five factors to consider when choosing the right property management company for your community association.

How to Keep the Holiday Spirit While Enforcing Your Holiday Décor Standards

Posted on Friday December 09, 2016

It can be tough to balance festive and tasteful, being spirited and going overboard, when it comes to holiday décor. People decorate for holidays all year-round. How much is too much? Setting policies for holiday decorating will help maintain peace and goodwill for all within your association.

Buying the Best Insurance for Your High-Rise: Seven Tips

Posted on Tuesday November 29, 2016

The amenities, convenience, security, access to exciting business and cultural centers and even concierge services have made vertical living more appealing than ever. High-rises are a growing segment of the Georgia housing market. Of course, a complex high-rise has its, well, complexities, too, and one of those is finding the right insurance coverage. If you are looking for peace of mind that insurance is meant to provide, while experiencing the joys of vertical living, make sure that you research and obtain the right coverages for your needs, whether you are a Board member, resident or property owner. These guidelines will help you have the right coverage for the right situations.

Fire Safety Tips for Condos and High-Rises

Posted on Friday November 18, 2016

Many people fall in love with high-rise living for the wonderful benefits that come with it: great views, convenience, attentive service and on-site amenities. It’s a lifestyle all its own. High-rises come with their own complex challenges, and chief among them is fire safety. If you live in a high-rise or condo building, do you know what to do if a fire breaks out? Do you know how to prepare your family in the event of a fire? Here are four Fire Safety Tips from the experts at National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

How to Create a Preventative Maintenance Plan for Your Condo

Posted on Thursday November 10, 2016

Designing and executing a comprehensive plan for preventative maintenance must be a top priority for your community. Detecting a problem before a critical failure, anticipating repairs and replacements, and most importantly, extending the life of almost every critical asset in your building are the primary benefits of having a good preventative maintenance plan.  

Using Mediation and Arbitration to Resolve Conflict in Your Community

Posted on Tuesday November 08, 2016

Ideally, all parties involved in your homeowners’ or condo association would work well together and agree on important association matters. But the reality is that disagreements and disputes are bound to arise. Oftentimes, the parties involved are able to settle their differences directly with each other – through honest and open communication – and come to a mutually agreed upon solution that resolves the dispute and keeps it from escalating further.

Five Essential Parts of Community Association Elections

Posted on Wednesday November 02, 2016

Elections play a critical role in ensuring that community associations work. Not only do they bring residents together for a common purpose, they also galvanize the community and empower its members. The Georgia Nonprofit Corporate Code and most community governing documents require that the association hold an Annual Meeting. If a quorum is present (as discussed below), the election is an essential element of the Annual Meeting. 

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