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Keep Your Community Safe and Cool: Summer Water Safety

Posted on Wednesday May 10, 2017

Fishing, boating, swimming, water skiing and other refreshing water sports are a key part of summertime in Georgia. With so many beautiful lakes, including Lake Lanier, Lake Hartwell and Lake Oconee, as well as rivers like the Chattahoochee and a plethora of lovely swimming pools in high-rises and resort communities, Georgians have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the water throughout the summer months.

Keeping Your Community Safe During Summer Vacation Season

Posted on Monday May 08, 2017

Georgia is fortunate to have milder winters than much of the United States, but summer is still the most wonderful time of year for a lot of people. Kids get out of school, days are longer and weekends seem a little more special. Of course, a lot of folks take that opportunity to travel.

Five Tips for Managing Your Community Parking Policy

Posted on Monday March 06, 2017

Most communities have parking challenges. That’s a fact of life, no matter where you live. Guest parking is probably the most cited problem, including guests parking in resident spaces (knowingly or not). But there are lots of other parking issues common to most communities.

How a Solid Flooring Policy Can Minimize Noisy Neighbor Problems in Your High-Rise

Posted on Wednesday March 01, 2017

Do you hear every single step your upstairs neighbors take? Does the noise sound like they are wearing cement-soled shoes? Are they keeping you up at night? Before going ballistic on them, take a deep breath – it might not be their fault. 

Managing Your Association’s Paperwork: 6 Tips to Make it Easier

Posted on Friday February 24, 2017

Is organizing paperwork on your list of favorite things to do? No? You’re not alone! Although it’s not something that most people enjoy, maintaining good records is critical to the most important functions of your community association. That’s true whether you live in a Buckhead high-rise, an Alpharetta gated community or on the shores of Lake Lanier. Consistently following a good organizational system will streamline your operations and increase efficiency, preserve the history of your activities and provide transparency.


The Surprising Way to Make the Most of Your Association’s Budget

Posted on Wednesday February 22, 2017

If you’re on the Board of a condominium, high-rise or homeowners association, you know that keeping your association’s finances healthy is one of your chief responsibilities. Keeping high levels of service while trying to save money and get the best deals possible is a hard line to walk. While any amount of savings is a win, what if you could save a lot? Like one association that saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in landscaping costs? Or the one that is saving tens of thousands each year on its electric bills? 

10 Keys to Properly Managing Your Community Pool

Posted on Wednesday February 15, 2017

A lot of people prefer to live in a community that has a swimming pool, and if there’s one in yours, you know how valuable an amenity it is. In Georgia, we are lucky that many communities are able to have pools and that they have a longer useful season than up north. Of course, that makes managing your pool properly even more important, simply because of the amount of use it gets. In addition to maintenance and safety issues, it is important that you make sure your pool is in compliance with state and local regulations and ordinances.

Want to Take Your Community Smoke-Free? Four Tips to Help

Posted on Wednesday January 25, 2017

The dangers of both smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke have been highlighted in recent years. It’s reported that tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in both the United States and Canada. Smoking affects more than health too. It affects our physical environment and the buildings and homes we live in, by increasing risks of fire and property damage, raising insurance rates and increasing legal liability.

Should You Go National or Local When Choosing a Property Management Company?

Posted on Monday January 09, 2017

For many condominium Boards, deciding to hire a property management firm is a move in the right direction. But there is a lot to consider when choosing a management company for your building, and oftentimes it is the size of the company that becomes the sticking point for many condo associations. Many worry that big companies will overlook their unique needs, while small companies might not be able to serve them adequately. There are pros and cons to both large, national firms and smaller, local companies. Read our article for four factors to consider when making your decision, and learn how the size of the company affects how it handles your condo association’s most critical needs. 

Choosing the Right Lifestyle Community for Your Needs: Five Tips

Posted on Friday December 16, 2016

If you are thinking about buying a new home in a lifestyle high-rise or lifestyle community, you are not alone. Lifestyle communities are becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in today’s housing market.  If you’re interested in considering a lifestyle community but don’t know where to begin, you’re in luck. We’ve put together five of the most common considerations that go into choosing the right lifestyle community for you.

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