Board Member Seminars

FirstService Residential has always strived to provide support to our most important partners – our homeowner and condominium association board members in Florida.  To support their commitment to their volunteer association roles, as well as to encourage enlightened and responsible leadership, we offer a formal educational certification program for current association board and committee members.  The program is designed to help participants understand how effective associations can and should function, as well as how to become a more effective member of the team.

Association Board Membership: 101

This one-hour course is offered for board and committee members who are new to the association leadership role or who would like to increase their knowledge.

The course will fulfill the new Florida legal requirements (as stated in sections 718.112 (2) (d) 3.b and 720.3033 (1) of the Florida Statutes) for Association Board members. Participants will receive a certificate of satisfactory completion.

Association Board Membership 101 addresses the most critical aspects of day-to-day association operations. Topics include Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members; Running an Association – A Practical Approach; Meeting and Quorum Requirements; Review of Governing Documents such as the CC&R (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions), Master Deeds, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Resolutions; Records Maintenance; Financial Reporting and Obligations; and Elections.


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