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The 7 Secrets to Combat
Committee Chaos

Posted on Thursday September 13, 2018

Community committees are a great way to involve more residents in the activities of their homeowner association, help ensure the rules and regulations of the association are followed, and help lighten the workload of volunteer board members. Some common committees include beautification, architectural, landscaping and grievance committee. At their best, committees are finely tuned engines for getting things done in your community. When there is a breakdown or discord, they’re agents of confusion, wreaking havoc on progress and operating as the figurative wrecking balls for a few overbearing committee members.

How to Create a Lifestyle Program Your Residents Love

Posted on Friday August 31, 2018

Learn how your board can create a lifestyle program that your residents will want to come home to. A thriving lifestyle program will connect your residents and help build great relationships throughout the community.

How to Organize Events That Feed Your Association’s Community Spirit

Posted on Thursday August 16, 2018

Want your events to bring residents closer? Everyone loves a well-planned event, and the residents in your community association are no exception. Follow these tips for creating memorable events in your community association.

Electronic Voting at Your Community Association: What You Need to Consider

Posted on Monday August 06, 2018

For a growing number of community associations across the United States and Canada, statute changes are making electronic voting a possibility for boards. If your state or province permits online voting – or will soon – does that mean that your board should make this option available to homeowners in your community?

How To Avoid Common Board Member Mistakes at Your Community Association

Posted on Tuesday July 31, 2018

Learning from other board members’ experiences is a great way to avoid making some of the more common mistakes. Here, we discuss four of the common mistakes that board members make and offer recommendations for handling the issues differently.

5 Steps to Increase Resident Engagement in Your Community Association

Posted on Thursday July 26, 2018

In many community associations, residents lack interest in getting involved. Getting residents to attend meetings, volunteer on committees or help run events can be like pulling teeth for many boards. Turn that around with these 5 simple steps.

All You Need to Know About Using Social Media to Build Community

Posted on Monday July 23, 2018

Social media can be a phenomenal marketing and communications tool for your community association! It’s a great way to inform residents, keep them connected and strengthen their loyalty. But you need to put a strategy behind your community’s social media presence.

How to Get the Board Member Training You Need to Be a Successful Community Leader

Posted on Friday July 20, 2018

To be an effective board member you need the right training. Learn how to get the training you need to successfully govern your community association.

Why is Clear Vision Step 1 to Community Engagement?

Posted on Tuesday July 17, 2018

What do you want your community to be? You need to know to be able to best engage your residents. Learn why vision and engagement go together.

How to Host an Annual Meeting Your Homeowners Will WANT to Attend

Posted on Thursday July 12, 2018

Annual meetings don't have to be boring! Learn how your community association board can entice your homeowners into attending with easy tips.


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