Regardless of where you live, it is important to carefully evaluate different HOA community management companies to find the one that will be best for your community. Of course every building has its own needs, but depending on your location whether San Francisco or San Diego, you might have unique challenges and specific services to consider. Read on to learn about the specialized services and offerings that your management company should provide.

Technology that Keeps you Connected

Because city residents are often busy residents, technologies to enhance communication are essential. While face-to-face communication between board members, residents and property managers is important, so is having reliable technology that fills in the gaps when you are away or unavailable. The right community association management company will provide your association with a community website to access documents, check account balances, initiate service requests, receive package notifications and more. The ability to submit purchase and lease applications online and securely make payments online is a must. Another important technological advantage to look for is a resident alert system, which allows property managers to send immediate, voice and email messages to alert residents about emergencies or other important issues impacting the property. A system like this can expedite getting important information out quickly, help keep residents safe, and reduce stress.

Concierge Services

Urban living presents its own set of challenges. The best property management companies offer concierge services to help residents with move-in and move-out details, including transferring and activating utilities, with ease - and often free of charge. Post-move in, a building may choose to retain the concierge services to help residents secure restaurant reservations, purchase event tickets and other helpful services.

24/7 Customer Care

There are going to be times that you need to speak with someone right away and may not be able to reach your property manager. Look for a management company that provides full-time customer care support, with good problem resolution skills. As a benchmark, FirstService Residential, North America’s leading community association management company, offers a Customer Care Center, which resolves 96% of its inquiries on the first call.

Building Upgrades and Renovations

Perhaps it’s time to renovate the lobby, or upgrade the surface of the pool deck. Finding the right vendors and managing renovation projects require knowledge and coordination – along with experience dealing with the many issues that may arise in the process. The right community association management company will be experienced and able to negotiate the best price and select the right contractors for the project, while supplying a team to manage and coordinate its execution. A professional community association management company, like FirstService Residential, can help ensure any upgrades or renovations are handled professionally and on budget.

Understand the Value of Your Neighborhood

Fortunately, property values in California’s cities have risen over the last decade. How does your building measure up year after year? Look for a community association management company with the resources to provide market reports on building and neighborhood activity, annual reviews on property amenities and common areas. There are many factors that go into choosing the right property management company. Whether you are looking for a company to manage your building for the first time, or you feel your current company is not offering everything it should, FirstService Residential can help your building get the service you deserve. Contact us today for more information.
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