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Selecting Your Reserve Study Firm: Seven Essential Steps

Posted on Thursday June 16, 2016

Your reserve study gives you the power to maintain the quality of your community by allowing for projects that are both necessary and potentially expensive. Establishing this fund can get a little complex. But you don’t have to be a fortune teller to read the future of your association. You simply need a good reserve study firm to help. Here’s how you can find one.

11 Steps to Stronger HOA Finances

Posted on Tuesday June 07, 2016

So what’s the most important aspect of your community? Is it aesthetics? Sense of belonging? Neighbors knowing neighbors? Desirability to home buyers? All of those things matter but you won’t achieve too many of them if your community isn’t financially sound. Here are 11 tips on ways to keep your community on firm financial footing.

Strength Through Engagement: Three Ways Homeowners Can Get Involved

Posted on Wednesday June 01, 2016

A common trait among all successful homeowners associations is owner engagement. Membership in an association offers an opportunity to work with fellow homeowners to protect property values and enhance quality of life. Achieving these goals takes involvement. Here are some ways you can participate.

Six Positive Trends for California HOA Board Members

Posted on Tuesday May 31, 2016

As a board member, you can measure your success in a lot of different ways. The projects you’ve completed, the financials you’ve strengthened, the long-term plans you’ve put in place – all of these are clear indicators that you’ve done your job, and you’ve done it well. But how do you know how your residents feel? Take a look at the highlights from the 2016 survey conducted by the Foundation for Community Association Research.

Association Management 101: Best Practices for Board Members

Posted on Monday May 23, 2016

If you are an HOA or community association board member, the task in front of you might seem a little overwhelming.  Consider the following 10 helpful hints for new and current board members to help make your term fruitful, rewarding and, most of all, effective. Use these tips to become a trusted, reliable member of your community.

HOA Annual Meetings and Special Meetings FAQs

Posted on Wednesday May 18, 2016

Meetings serve an important oversight function in developing and maintaining well-run homeowners associations. Confusion can occur in why meetings are called, the types of meetings and the requirements. Read our annual and special meetings FAQs for more details.

Want to Start a Neighborhood Watch? Consider this.

Posted on Monday May 16, 2016

Is your building or community considering establishing a Neighborhood Watch program? These crime watch programs – joint efforts between homeowners and local police departments – are gaining traction in many communities by helping to deter unusual or criminal behavior. Here are some tips to consider.

The Art of Amenity Planning Drives Differentiation in Competitive Markets

Posted on Monday May 16, 2016

There is little doubt the amenities offered in a community can play a significant role in a homebuyer’s decision. However, the old adage of “build it and they will come” doesn’t necessarily apply. In fact, strategic planning of the right amenities is crucial. Read on for details.

Top Qualities of an Effective HOA or Community Association Committee Member

Posted on Thursday May 12, 2016

Have you ever considered joining an HOA, condo, cooperative or community association committee?  If so, you may want to delve deeper into the possibilities – after all, being part of a committee can be a valuable experience in many ways.  Here are some tips on being an effective committee member.

Tips for Keeping Homeowners Engaged in Your Community Association

Posted on Tuesday May 10, 2016

Regardless of the size of your community, or where it’s located, there is always one thing that every community association board and committee needs: resident volunteers. However, volunteers are often a scarce resource. Here are some tips to combat apathy.

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