How Your Strata Management Company Ensures Your Front Desk Employees Deliver the Best Service

Posted on Tuesday May 06, 2014

For a Strata resident, the experience doesn’t begin when they step into your unit. It begins when they set foot in the main entrance – and are greeted by the front desk representative.

For guests, the front desk representative sets the tone for their entire perception of the Strata property. For residents, the front desk representative is a touchstone throughout their day, every day. It’s an important role to fill.

A true partnership with the best Strata management company includes help filling this extremely important position. Here’s a look at the essential personality traits of an incredible front desk employee.

An excellent front desk employee...

1. ...Combines a smile with substance. 

A friendly attitude is an absolute must in this position. When your residents are leaving for a busy day, or coming home from one, a happy greeting can go a long way toward truly making them feel at home.   We have all had the experience of the really nice person who isn’t much more than that. And at the end of the day, that can be more of an irritant than a benefit. That’s why your front desk employee should not only be extremely friendly, but also extremely capable. Front desk employees who excel are those who combine a positive demeanor with a strong customer service skill set to respond to the needs of residents. 

2. ...Settles for nothing less than resort-style service.

What do we love so much about staying in a nice hotel? It’s not just room service and 750-thread-count sheets. We value the absolute dedication of the staff. The prompt service,  the ready smile,  and the absolute confidence we have in them that they will meet our every need...and exceed our every expectation. Well, your residents shouldn’t have to live with anything less than that. A great front desk employee knows that resort-style service is the order of the day, every day. Which pretty much makes living at your Strata feel like a vacation all the time. 


3. ...Knows what he or she doesn’t know – and works to improve upon it. 

A hallmark of a great front desk employee is an eagerness to learn. It’s what makes us all better at what we do. Ideally, the person at your front desk will have undergone extensive training by respected leaders in the field. This should include experienced hospitality professionals. By learning from the best, your front desk employee can provide the kind of resort-style service that adds value to your building. 

4. ...Acts as a concierge.

Just because the official position is “front desk representative” doesn’t mean they can’t provide concierge-level service. It’s not so much a difference in actual duties as it is a difference in service philosophy. A concierge combines complete capability with an enthusiastic joy of service, and that’s an approach your front desk employee should be taking, too. And of course, if any residents need dinner reservations, delivery service, errands or more, then making those arrangements becomes part of the job. 

5. ...Is an asset in any situation.

Deftly performing the daily duties and responsibilities associated with the front desk is one thing. Knowing exactly what to do in situations as unusual as power outages is quite another. A great front desk employee is just as comfortable greeting residents at the door as he or she is playing a pivotal role during an emergency. 

6. ...Understands that service isn’t a job, it’s a privilege.

To be a reliable, proactive, polished front desk employee, each interaction has to be seen as an opportunity, not a job requirement. When your front desk person approaches his or her role from this perspective, service is enhanced immeasurably. Best of all, this perspective can be taught and it can be learned – if the right candidate is paired with the right training program. 

So as you can see, the role is about far more than meet-and-greet. In fact, many Council Members find that hiring and training a great front desk employee requires an investment in time and energy that is best left to a Strata management company that specializes in that service. If that situation sounds familiar to you, contact FirstService Residential, North America’s leading property management company. We can provide front desk services that enhance the lifestyles of those residing within your Strata property. 

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