Five Reasons You Should Consider Living In A Strata Community

Posted on Tuesday June 10, 2014

You just returned home from a long day at work, and your trash bins are still full, in front of your house. They’re beginning to smell, and any calls to your local municipality at this hour to find out why they weren’t picked up are going right to voicemail. You feel like no one is on your side, and know it won’t be long before the raccoons show up to feast.
Yes, you’ve accepted that living in an independently owned home can have its drawbacks. But why settle for that? Have you ever considered living in a Strata community and the many benefits that go along with it? If you have, you’re not alone. The numbers of Strata Corporations in British Columbia have ballooned over the past 40-plus years with more than 29,000 Strata Corporations representing approximately 500,000 individuals Strata units across the province today. An overwhelming percentage of Strata Corporation community members rate their experience as positive. In addition, they’re happy with their Strata Councils, the return on their investment, as well as how their community rules positively affect their lives within the Strata itself. Below are five reasons you should consider living in a Strata community, and how doing so can remove a lot of the stress and enrich your everyday life.
  • Benefit of Collective Management: Have you ever lived next door to someone who decided to paint their home a gaudy color that was painful to look at? Have you ever lived next to neighbors who neglect their property and let their patio become overrun with old furniture and waste? Have you worried that the property value of your home would plummet as a result? If you own a private home, you’re at the mercy of local government to address your needs. That isn’t a worry in a Strata community. Each Strata Corporation sets its own bylaws and rules to guide the behavior of residents at the property. These bylaws and rules benefit the community at large by helping to maintain your community’s overall beauty and property values. This is an example of how your Strata Council, appointed by the Ownership of the Strata, enhances Residents’ lifestyles, and ensures that no one is living outside of the appointed guidelines.
  • Private Public Functions: Remember that trash removal example? That’s one of the nuisances that people living in Strata communities generally don’t have to worry about. Local municipalities usually are overwhelmed with the services they have to provide for their entire area - not to mention they can be stretched financially. Depending on your property, responsibilities such as trash pickup, road maintenance, storm water management, snow removal, and other similar services are often managed by Strata communities to ensure services are completed in a timely manner. Fees are paid by Owners of the Strata for such duties, so Residents are not at the mercy of the local municipality in all situations.
  • Minimizing Costs and Maintaining A Sense of Community: This might seem more like two topics, but they really go hand-in-hand. Being a member of a Strata community comes with assurances that everyone pays their fair share, concerns are addressed by your Strata Councilor property management team, and property value is maintained without formal government oversight. Everyone is in it together and there is a sense of responsibility with Ownership and collective management, which makes for a strong sense of community. There also is the matter of these Strata communities inherently bringing people together. Many Strata Homeowners take part in neighborhood activities such as holiday parties, social clubs, and athletic and fitness events. These activities give people a chance to get to know everyone better and form a more communal bond.
  • Amenities, Opportunities, and Options: There are perks and benefits to being a member of a Strata community, many of which are not in the wheelhouse for private Homeowners. Some communities have features such as swimming pools, fitness centres, and squash courts that are included with ownership and can be a way to attract new Homeowners to your community. Active communities may also include social committees and other groups formed to involve Residents in communal activities with other members of the property.
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