Did You Know? Sewer Line Clogs

Posted on Monday August 15, 2016

Did you know that flushing foreign objects down toilets can cause major backups and losses by preventing the passage of material through the piping system? Don’t flush the following down the toilets:
•   disposable cleaning cloths
•   wash cloths
•   diapers
•   kitty litter
•   food
•   hair
•   trash                                       

If a foreign object was flushed down your toilet, you can trying snaking it from the drain, but be careful not to push the object further along. If snaking doesn’t work, it is advised that you contact a plumber. It is better to spend money to unclog the toilet instead of paying for the repairs of an entire plumbing system that has backed up! Remember, the larger your building, the more extensive the plumbing system and the more extensive potential damages can be. Fast action is necessary!


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