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Tips for Improving Your Dog’s Behaviour and Keeping the Peace at Your Condo

Posted on Wednesday October 12, 2016

You love your dog and want him to be accepted by your neighbours. However, he has a few bad habits that sometimes make him less-than-welcome in your multi-family community. Don’t despair, often the difference between a not-so-good dog and a good community citizen is as simple as training. Here are seven tips that will help you strengthen the relationship between you, your dog and the people around you.

Common Mistakes Condo Board Members Make (and How to Avoid Them!)

Posted on Wednesday October 05, 2016

Not surprisingly there are many personalities at play among the volunteer members of a condo board. With decades of experience dealing with every type of board you could imagine, we have come up with four common mistakes we observe.  See if you recognize any of these. If so, we offer suggestions for how board members can avoid making them.

Encouraging More Homeowners to Volunteer

Posted on Thursday September 29, 2016

Volunteerism is vital to the success of a condominium corporation. The board is made up of volunteer homeowners as are any committees that may be formed. Even though volunteering is important, it is often difficult to convince people to step up. Here are five tips to help encourage more residents to become involved.

Fire Prevention and Safety for High- and Mid-rise Condo Dwellers

Posted on Tuesday September 13, 2016

Many condo residents love the lifestyle that comes with living in a high- or mid-rise condominium building. It could be the amenities, the views or the convenience that attracts them, but there’s no question that for some it’s the right choice. But how often do people think about fire safety? It’s important to plan for the event that we all hope will never happen to us – here are a few things to consider to be prepared for a fire emergency.

Keeping Your Condo Board Committees on Track

Posted on Tuesday September 06, 2016

Community committees allow residents to become involved in the activities of their condominium. They can also help reduce the work load for the volunteer board. In order to function properly though, committees do need structure and board guidance. These eight tips will help to ensure your committees make positive contributions to the community and are aligned with board goals.

5 Ways to Stop Disagreements from Taking Over Your Board Meetings

Posted on Wednesday August 31, 2016

If you’ve ever been a volunteer board member, you probably know the importance of board meetings. However, sometimes they are not as productive and professional as they could be. Delicate situations can arise. To keep your meetings focused, respectful and collaborative, put these helpful tips into practice.

Bringing Out the Best in Challenging Condo Board Members

Posted on Monday August 29, 2016

Condominium board members are volunteers that come from a variety of backgrounds. They bring different perspectives, attitudes and abilities to the table. These things can be a positive force as the group may be introduced to fresh perspectives, but sometimes it results in conflict. When this happens, it is important to know how to steer the group toward an amicable resolution.

Three Ways to Get Involved and Make a Difference in Your Community

Posted on Thursday August 18, 2016

As a condominium owner you have an opportunity be involved in the operation of the community. The successful operation of the corporation depends on those who volunteer their time in some capacity. But perhaps you don’t know how to contribute. Here a few ways, with different levels of commitment to participate.

Creating a Condo Flooring Policy to Address Noise Issues

Posted on Tuesday August 16, 2016

When people live in close quarters, it is inevitable that they will hear sounds from neighbouring condos from time to time. Noise between units can be minimized in many ways. One of the most effective tools for a condominium board to implement is a flooring policy that guides owners when they want to replace their floor coverings. Choosing the right products makes a big difference when it comes to the transfer of noise between condominium units. 

The Condo Residents’ (Unofficial) Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Posted on Friday August 12, 2016

Life in a multi-family community is much more pleasant when residents and leaders each understand their individual rights and responsibilities. As in all aspects of life, respect for each other and adherence to the rules are key components to successful community relations.

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