Here you will find articles about condominium living, condo management and other topics of interest for board members, owners and residents.

The Condo Residents’ (Unofficial) Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Life in a multi-family community is much more pleasant when residents and leaders each understand their individual rights and responsibilities. As in all aspects of life, respect for each other and adherence to the rules are key components to successful community relations.

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Drowning in Paperwork? Six Guidelines for Getting it Organized

We all know that “organizing paperwork” is not at the top of most people’s list of things-to-do. Most likely we also know that it suddenly achieves high importance when we have to ask ourselves “now where did I see/put that?” When speaking of the documents of a condominium corporation, it is imperative that these be accessible and up-to-date when they are needed. These six guidelines will help you get it organized.

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Should You Consider Moving to a High-Rise Condo?

There are many things to consider when it is time to move. Maybe you’re moving to a new neighbourhood or a new city. What if you want a complete lifestyle change and are thinking about leaving your single-family home or townhome and considering moving to a high-rise condominium? Depending upon your goals, this may or may not be the right move for you.

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Five Elements of Successful Committees

In order for condominium committees to be successful, the board of directors must provide planning, structure and clear communication to the volunteer committee members. Consider these five points to ensure your next committee is focused, productive and an asset to your corporation. 

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What Will a Great Property Management Company do For You?

Take stock, from time to time, of the relationship your condominium has with its property management company. Is it as healthy as it should be? Consider these four points to determine if it’s good or if it could be improved.

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Top Qualities Condo Boards Seek in their Property Management Companies

If you are a condo board member or resident, you know how important it is to receive great service from your condominium property manager. But what is great service? Well, it’s a collection of things and great management companies make sure they deliver them.

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Five Signs You’re Ready to Run for the Board

You’re loving your condo lifestyle and everything that comes with it. Overall you enjoy your neighbours and make use of common areas and amenities. Is it time to think about giving back by participating in how the community runs by volunteering to be a condo board member?

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What’s Your Approach to Maintenance?

Common property maintenance usually takes a significant bite out of a condominium corporation’s budget. Some boards try to keep the expenditures as low as possible, but that can backfire in the long run. Of course you don’t want to spend on unnecessary work, so how do you achieve the right balance?

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How Condo Owners Can Manage Their Homes During Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is an exciting time-it’s great to get away! There’s no end to the adventures that await us all. At the end of the journey, though, you want to come home to a home that is safe and well looked after in your absence. 

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Communication with your condominium management company – What should you expect?

A condominium corporation is made up of diverse communities of people who have an interest in what is happening related to their investment. They need to be able to receive and find relevant information on a number of topics. Depending on the size of the property it can be hundreds of individuals who are involved.   There is no one communication tool that meets the needs of everyone and every situation. Successful property management companies provide options and technology to give their clients communication choices that fit their lifestyles.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Running a Great Condo Board Meeting

Love them or hate them, if you are a condominium board member you know that board meetings are essential to the successful operation of the community. But not all meetings are as effective as they should be. With some planning and guidelines in place this can be improved in short order.

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Four Steps to Healthy Finances

Keeping your condominium corporation’s finances healthy is much like keeping yourself physically fit. The key is to make smart choices and avoid over-indulgence.

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10 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Community

Social media can be a great marketing and communications tool for your condominium community. It’s a great way to inform residents, build relationships, keep people connected and strengthen their loyalty.  But what may be surprising is that using it effectively involves a whole lot of social media strategy.

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12 Traits to Look for in a Property Management Company

When you choose a property management company you want it to be a great fit for your board and your residents. But how do you do that? What sets one apart from another? Look for these qualities in a manager to help you compare your options and make the best choice.

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Five Things that Break Your Budget

Determining the annual budget is an important responsibility that condominium board members know is important to the financial success of their community. This article discusses things to consider when making the important budget line-item decisions.

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Enhancing Service through Innovative Property Management Technology

Communication between the condominium manager, board and residents is enhanced by our in-house community management platform FSRConnect. It is tailored to the needs of each community and allows ease of communication and access to relevant information about property management and lifestyle activities.

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Nine Secrets of Success for Condominium Corporations

If you volunteer your services to your homeowners association, you know there are many rewards – but also, quite a few challenges.  There are residents with individual demands and concerns and Board members who may have difficulty agreeing.  There is also the critical need to carefully develop – and adhere to – a strict budget. And that’s just the beginning.

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Seven Tips for Preparing an Effective Annual Budget

Proper condominium management depends upon the annual budget for both short- and long-term financial planning. It’s important to follow some guidelines to ensure the success of the community and protect the investment of the owners.

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Create the Right Strategy for Developing a Community Newsletter

Creating a newsletter for your condominium residents that will give them valuable and relevant information is harder to do than it may seem upon first glance. Here are the basic things to consider, brought to you by your property management professionals at FirstService Residential.

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Condominium Management Basics – 10 Helpful Hints

As a board member of a condominium corporation you have an important role that should not be taken lightly. Remember, in addition to the responsibility you have to the members of your community from a business point of view, these people are also your neighbours and friends.

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