Enhancing Service through Innovative Property Management Technology

Posted on Tuesday June 14, 2016

Is it possible for technology to make service more personal? If you’re in the property management industry, the answer is a resounding “yes.”
That’s because property managers are essentially in a people business. They create lifestyles. They enforce policies. And they have a hand in everything from maintenance to budgeting, staffing and more. That’s a lot of hats to wear, so you can imagine how it can be challenging to merely keep up.
But for some, keeping up isn’t quite enough. The best property management companies are more forward-looking than that. So it only makes sense that a technological solution would help clear the way for the more personal parts of the job.
The right technology doesn’t replace personal interactions – it replaces administrative tasks and frees up managers to respond faster and provide personalized service with a smile. 
Software developers have seized this opportunity, and as a result, there are off-the-shelf solutions available to condominium managers right now. The problem with those products is that they don’t take into account the individual needs and requirements of specific communities. As a result, these solutions often don’t come with the kind of useful feature set that a more tailored solution would.
That’s where FSRConnect comes in. Developed by FirstService Residential, it’s a fully integrated community management platform that can be customized to individual condominium corporations.
It’s a solution that streamlines communication and automates tasks, and that helps community managers focus on the big picture. And since FSRConnect is a web-based solution, it’s available via computer, tablet, smartphone or through a custom mobile app.
There are a few features of the platform that make it a robust solution for condominium management. For instance, Resident Alert sends messages to all community residents through email or phone. It comes in handy for informing residents about community events or newsworthy items. But Resident Alert truly shines during times of emergency – like severe weather conditions – where it can be used to broadcast important safety information.
This is a benefit experienced right here in Alberta during the recent wildfire crisis. The rapidly spreading flames required that 90,000 residents of Fort McMurray be evacuated. FirstService Residential manages condominium corporations in that area, and was able to keep residents updated via Resident Alert, even as they took shelter throughout the province and across the country.
The platform is also instrumental in paving the way for a condominium board to create a community website. The web solution comes with a robust feature set that benefits residents and boards. For the former, the website offers a portal so they can download necessary documents, put in maintenance requests, find answers to property-specific questions, find news about the property and manage their account. For the latter, it’s a great tool for communicating with residents and for providing a current calendar of events for residents.
Of course, it’s not just community managers who are busy. Board members tend to keep hectic schedules as well, so FSRConnect has developed a custom mobile app just for them. It’s called ConnectMobile, and it’s an indispensable tool for when you want to execute work orders or report violations while you’re away from the office. It all happens with just a few taps on your smartphone.
For an upgraded experience, FSRConnect’s ConnectPlus+ features enables more capabilities, such as amenity reservations, concierge requests, valet services, visitor management and package tracking.
Automation doesn’t have to mean de-personalization. By streamlining certain tasks, your property manager is able to deliver an increased level of personalized service to you and your entire community. For more information on FSRConnect and other state-of-the-art property management tools and technology, contact FirstService Residential.

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